Jeanne: “I have followed Nature’s Touch and the gang to four different locations over many years. My regularly scheduled massages have become an important part of my overall wellness program. And what a great group of people…welcoming, helpful, and accommodating, not to mention professional and skilled. I continue to recommend Nature’s Touch to my friends without hesitation.”

Jenny: “Just had my very first massage there and loved it. Very professional and super nice. I’m hooked. I will be back!!!”

Sarah: “Wow I just had the best professional one hour full body massage I’ve ever had before it was great. Just what I need to relax calm down I don’t care attitude and knot free in my shoulders and back.”

Karen: “Over the course of my life, I have been involved in 2 auto accidents. In both cases, I was rear ended causing injury (and reinjury) to my lower back. After years of back problems and on and off therapy, I started seeing a chiropractor who suggested massage therapy in addition to chiropractic care. In early 2002, I was in a local Medina beauty salon where I read a Nature’s Touch pamphlet. I decided to give Debbie Kacic, LMT, a try . . . and I have been a regular client there ever since. I can’t say enough about massage therapy.”

Freida: “I have been going to Nature’s Touch since it opened. Sixty minute massages have gotten me through many a stressful week.”

Patty: “This center has the utmost caliber of therapists who care about the whole individual, body mind and spirit. The healing that occurs is amazing!! If you haven’t tried it you’re missing out on a life altering experience!!”

Jeff: “I feel like I’m doing a mattress commercial, and I say that because I went to bed last night, woke up and never moved. This is the first time I’ve slept the whole night thru in many years. I never think that waking up 6 or 7 times a night isn’t normal. Even just walking around I felt so much better. I didn’t have to keep adjusting my back. Thanks a million. You’re the best. I’ll be seeing you again soon!”

Anonymous: “Great service, awesome people”

Lisa: “Great reflexology!”

Criss: “I’ve been going to Nature’s Touch for 5 years and my back has never felt better! I moved to Cleveland recently but I make sure I come down for a tune up periodically.”

Cathy: “I had monthly prenatal massages and I’m sure it contributed to my healthy, happy baby… besides being a great thing for myself!”

Missi: “Nature’s Touch has great massotherapists and reflexologists who really know how to help you heal and feel better. I really enjoy my treatments there.”

Stephanie: “Best massage I’ve ever had — anywhere at any price!”

David: “Great place, excellent service. Made you feel at home!!! Love this place!!!”

Dolly: “Nature’s Touch has a very relaxing atmosphere with friendly people working there. If they are busy with clients, they always have some way for availability for one to leave a message so they can get back with you. They are conveniently located, up to date on their services and offer business hours to people’s conveniences.”

Carol: “Recovering from an auto accident + everyday stress has caused me pain that has been greatly alleviated by the massage therapy I have received at Natures Touch. I would highly recommend anyone to try their healing hands.”

Joanne: “I have been a Nature’s Touch clients for ten years. Massages have helped me through many muscle injuries in addition to stress relief.”

Rachel: “Nature’s Touch provides excellent customer service! They are great : ) ”

Robert: “Great service, great prices, wonderful atmosphere. Very knowledgeable therapists who put you at ease from the minute you walk in the door. ”

Anne: “Best massage I ever had. I feel like a new person.”

Kristen: “Nature’s Touch Massage Center is definitely the best place to get a massage. Nature’s Touch has a friendly atmosphere that you notice as soon as you walk in. The therapists there definitely know what they are doing. I highly recommend Nature’s Touch!”

Jimmie Mac: “Best therapeutic massage, period.”

Scott: “Great massage. Really beneficial after workouts.”

Stacey: “They provide a nice and relaxing atmosphere with care that’s second to none!”

Joan: “The women at Nature’s Touch Massage Center are wonderful, the give great massages that make you feel so very good. My husband I go there often. We love them!!”

Mike: “Nature’s Touch is the best! The staff are the consummate professionals. Regular visits will change your outlook on life for the better.”

John: “Great people, great massages.”