Massage + Chiropractic Care = Freedom from Pain

Ever have a headache that just wouldn’t quit? How about back pain so bad it was hard to walk. Neck pain, anyone? Thousands of us have been involved in an auto accident that has plagued us with pain for many years afterwards. Even sitting all day at a desk can cause injury and pain with repetitive motion and overuse of our joints. Let’s take a look at what’s causing us all this pain and discomfort.

Our joints are surrounded by soft tissue that supports and moves us in all directions. Muscles and tendons move joints, while ligaments and fascia support joints. Fascia is a soft tissue that permeates our entire body. Surrounding our muscles and organs, fascia provides protection and holds things in their place. If you’ve ever taken the skin off of a chicken breast, it’s that yellowish tissue under the skin that is very elastic. Together with the muscles this tissue is call myofascia. Imagine one muscle being injured and becoming tight, and the fascia being pulled in all directions surrounding this tight muscle. Everything that piece of facia is attached to is pulled out of place. Now there’s pain, and we don’t want to use that muscle. Circulation decreases when we don’t use our muscles and poor circulation will cause the myofascial tissue to become glue-like and will prevent the muscle from lengthening fully. Painful trigger points can develop that will refer pain or numbness to other areas nearby. In extreme cases these tightened muscles can compress nerves causing even more pain. These tight tissues will then start to pull the joint itself out of alignment, called a subluxation, which can in turn affect nerve transmissions to our entire body. The result is pain and possibly numbness at both the site of injury and other areas as well.

Using a variety of techniques, a massage therapist can take care of these soft tissue problems. Kneading and stretching the injured tissues will increase circulation to the area. Toxins will be pushed out of the injured tissue and fresh blood will be pumped into that area. Fascial tissues will be slowly stretched back to their normal state. Trigger point pain will be released, painful swelling and inflammation reduced and nutrients will be brought back into that area. The fascia and muscle will begin to soften and lengthen. After this is accomplished, your chiropractor will use maniplulations to return your joint to its normal position and which in turn will restore joint mobility back to normal.

Your Chiropractic treatment will proceed much easier and with less discomfort when your soft tissue has been addressed first with a massage treatment. Your adjustment will last longer when your muscle tension is released as tight muscles will pull the joint out of alignment again. Once your pain is gone and your body is back into normal alignment, use these two great modalities as part of your personal health plan.

Your recovery time will be shorter and more complete when you address all the components of your pain. Massage teamed with Chiropractic care work great together as a treatment for the cause of your pain, not just the symptoms. Both modalities offer natural, hands on and drug free healing techniques to help you maintain optimal health and well-being.

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