Feeling Stressed? Try A Massage

In a perfect world, we would all have wonderful jobs, be in great health, and not have a care in the world. Unfortunately, that is not the case for most people. Most of us are stressed to some extent every day. Whether it be from physical stress from a demanding job, emotional stress from a family crisis, or chemical stress from poor food choices, stress adds up in the body and wreaks havoc on our health.

Now, not all stress is bad. Stress is the body’s natural defense mechanism against our prehistoric fight or flight instincts. However, when your body is in a constant state of stress with no relief, that’s when your body’s “distress” reaction starts to happen.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the best way to cope with stress is by taking care of your body, and we couldn’t agree more. When your body is physically healthy, it makes everything else easier.

We hold stress in our bodies in the form of muscle tightness. When muscles are tight, it’s not only uncomfortable, it causes a decrease in circulation which can trigger a chain reaction of problems. It can affect sleep patterns, cause headaches, anxiety, digestive issues, and ultimately weaken the immune system causing you to become sick more often. Yikes!

Massage therapy is an effective and enjoyable way to manage these symptoms and reduce stress. By working on muscles through a variety of specific techniques, your massage therapist will be able to help increase circulation in tight muscles to push toxins out and allow fresh blood to easily flow into the injured or tense areas. Kneading and stretching muscles can reduce inflammation to allow vital nutrients to flow back through the area and promote healing to the tissue. Depending on the severity of your health concerns, your massage therapist will design your session based on your needs.

In addition to the wonderful physical benefits you will experience, massage is also an excellent way to relax your mind! A one hour massage will give you time to calm your mind, meditate, and enjoy the peace and quiet of your session.

At Nature’s Touch, we know that incorporating regular massage into your life will provide lasting benefits far beyond your appointment time. Why not give it a try? You only have stress to lose.

Stressed out? Let us help you calm your body and relax your mind. Give us a call at (330) 721-9357 and schedule your massage session today.

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