Emotional Healing with Massage

When we are sad or depressed, angry or stressed out, we hold these emotions in our bodies in the form of muscle tightness.  We’ve all said more than once in our lives that we are holding all of our tension in our neck and shoulders.  We hear it all the time.  This is the most common area for tension to sit and cause a decrease in circulation.  Then the headaches begin.  All of this tension in our bodies can lead to a breakdown in our immune system.  We notice we’re becoming sick more often.

Massage can help by releasing the tension from the body.  Not only will the muscles release, but often times the negative emotions will release from your mind as well.  You’ll find that gradually, with regular massage treatments, you won’t feel the anger or sadness as much, you’ll be able to release the memories of what caused the tension in the first place.  Massage makes your body feel better, so you feel better.  Better about life in general.  Regular Massage to release this emotional tension can change your entire outlook on life.

We have everything we need on this earth to heal our bodies, minds and spirt.  Consider adding Massage and some other holistic treatments such as Reiki to your wellness plan for a more holistic approach to life and all its challenges.

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