Massage Therapy for Sunburns

A common misconception I often hear during the summer months is that if you have a sunburn, you should cancel your routine massage appointment. However, massage therapy can be a beneficial component to your body’s healing process and even speed up your skin’s ability to repair itself.

So before you cancel your appointment, consider these benefits.

  • Increased Circulation– massage therapy improves circulation by pushing blood through congested areas of the body while releasing toxins. This opens up pathways so vital nutrients and oxygen can make their way to the injured site
  • Immediate Relief– topical oils or creams can provide temporary yet immediate relief when skin is feeling warm and tender. Aloe vera has been used as a natural burn remedy for thousands of years. Other mild oils such as jojoba oil can also provide relief. Keeping sunburned skin moisturized helps the burned area stay hydrated and supple and will minimize damage
  • Natural Healing– regular massage therapy promotes overall health and wellness. A healthy body is able to heal faster and more efficiently than someone who isn’t taking care of themselves

When To Avoid A Massage 

There are different levels of severity to sunburns. If your sunburn is painful to the touch, inflamed, or otherwise irritated, your skin may need some time before it is worked on. However, talk to your massage therapist about your symptoms before canceling your appointment. There are other treatment options available if you are unable to get your normal massage. Having non-affected areas of the body worked on can help relieve some of the stress your body is going through. Treatments such as Reflexology increases circulation and can stimulate the nervous system to promote a faster healing time.

Reiki is another option that can accelerate healing through the laying of hands on different areas of the body. This ancient form of natural healing restores imbalances of energy due to physical or emotional blockages and promotes an overall position feeling of well-being.

So before you postpone your appointment, consider how massage therapy can help restore your damaged skin. Give our office a call at 330-721-9357 or schedule your next appointment here.