Massage Therapy For Children

Whenever we talk about massage, we generally associate it with adults only. But the healing and relaxing benefits don’t only apply to the older generation. People of all ages can benefit from massage therapy, including children.

Why It Works

It’s no mistake that infant or child massage routines have been practiced since ancient times. The power of touch and sensory stimulation is the first sense felt by humans and has shown to help children reach developmental milestones. Sadly, there have been studies revealing babies suffer from “failure to thrive” because they were deprived of the loving touch they desperately need.

You may not realize it, but children of all ages experience different kinds of stress. Stress in children can range from separation anxiety, various fears, or emotional strain within the family. These heightened levels of cortisol so early on hinders healthy development. Massage therapy can help children manage these feelings of stress in a controlled and positive setting.

In addition to helping children manage stress, massage therapy early in life supports a positive sense of self. Children who learn a healthy understanding of touch early on are more likely to grow to be adults with a healthy self-esteem, a sense of appropriate boundary’s, and long-lasting intimate relationships.[1]

The Power of Touch

I once worked with a family that adopted three children who hadn’t come from a positive environment. I visited them at their new home once a week, same day, same time so that they’d get used to having a “friend” that would always came back and who wasn’t going to leave them. I would bring with me creams and oils and for them to make up their own aromatherapy potions and then massage their new parent’s feet or hands. It was an emotionally charged time and the little boy told his new mom that he loved her for the first time during one of our sessions.

We also asked another one of our young friends (age four) how it felt when her mom gave her a massage. She said every night before bed, her mom rubs her back and sometimes uses lotion. “It makes me feel comfy and snuggly! I like it when mommy tickles my arms too.” And coming from mom, she says it’s the best way to help her little one fall soundly asleep.

Daily massage with your kiddo does not have to complicated. A quick 10 to 15 session with your child’s favorite scented lotion or oil is just enough to have lasting benefits. This step by step guide can help you master the perfect technique for you and your little one.

What We Do

We offer private sessions designed to teach parents or caregivers how to massage their medically stable newborn and are available  to answer questions regarding the best ways to massage older children. As always, we strive to be a resource to support you in anyway we can.

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