My Tonalli Healing Ritual Experience

While in Mexico this past week I visited the local spa to receive a traditional healing ritual called Tonalli. In the Aztec wisdom, Tonalli means “luminous essence,” from the belief that the breath of life is the essence that brings One love, One energy, One purifying light to all living things our One world. In reverence to this tradition, the Tonalli ritual awakens the One purifying light in your body through successive steps of cleansing.

My therapist’s name was Rosa and she thoughtfully walked me through the treatments and explained each step. With her soothing voice, she guided me through a short meditation to bring One love to myself. She indicated that One love begins with loving yourself, and she is so correct.

With my hands over my heart I listened to her voice which lulled me to a calm place. Next, with dried herbs in hand, Rosa cleansed my aura (our energy field that surrounds us). I sat and she placed my feet into a bowl of warmed water while she scrubbed and then dried them. When she was finished, I laid on the warm massage table and was surrounded by a warm herbal body wrap with the intention that your body absorbs nature’s light and life. With firm pressure, she massaged my scalp and used a trigger point massage technique on my face. The wrap was removed and followed by the use of obsidian stones. These stones contain anti-inflammatory powers when gently massaged over the body. Rosa used the stones on my tight muscles to rebalance my body’s energetic flow.

The combination of these healing properties of the stone, massage movements and heat delivered a healing experience that cleanses the spirit and energizes the body and mind.

I’m sharing this experience with you because this day in the spa was the perfect example of taking time out of my busy life to show my body, mind, and spirit some self-care. We talk about the importance of taking care of your self all time at Nature’s Touch but we all know it’s easier said than done. I always like to think of it this way, how can you fully take care of others – whether it’s your spouse, children, an elderly parent, or friend – if you aren’t healthy and happy and fully capable in the first place?

Not everyone will has the availability to utilize a spa in Mexico, but there are so many ways you bring a little bit of this Tonalli experience to your home. Meditate, kick your feet up, get a massage! Anything to help you relax, get centered, and de-stress. Your body will thank you later.