Fall In Love With These Fall Treatments

At Nature’s Touch, we offer relaxing massage therapy services all year-round, but as the season’s change, so do our clients preferences. And as we enter into autumn, warm, cozy treatments begin to sound as irresistible as a pumpkin spice latte. Help us embrace the season with these fall spa favorites:

Hot Stone Massage

What doesn’t sound more relaxing than hot stones designed to melt your tension away? This treatment is performed with the application of smooth basalt lava stones that have been heated to just the right temperature and placed on the areas of your body that are tight or sore. Once your muscles are nice and relaxed, the same stones are oiled and used in flowing strokes by your therapist to complete your massage.

Bamboo Infusion Massage

Bamboo Infusion Massage is a unique and innovative method of performing a deep tissue massage. Using heated bamboo to roll and knead tissue, this treatment creates an extreme sensation of relaxation. The smooth edges of the bamboo sticks allow for more penetrating maneuvers to work through all angles of your aches and pains. Many clients report that the benefits of this type of treatment last even longer than regular deep tissue massage. How wonderful does that sound!

Steam Tent Therapy

As the weather starts to cool down, you may be finding yourself more prone to catching colds and getting sick. The perfect way to give your immune system a boost and warm up from the chilly weather is with a session in our steam tent. The steam tent is like a relaxing sauna that helps the body to sweat out toxins. As it heats the body, it acts as an artificial fever that kills off unwanted invaders and puts your body into healing-mode. Many people who incorporate regular steam tent sessions into their life notice significant improvement in congestion, headaches and difficulty sleeping.

Facial Toning

Face Toning Massage is a stimulating and vigorous method of treating the problem of aging skin. But what many people do not know is that it’s just as relaxing as any other massage. Using hot towels at various points of the session, it feels like a luxurious and cozy facial.


Reflexology is a non-invasive treatment performed on the feet and hands to promote movement of energy along pathways. We combine this treatment with various essential oils to stimulate your senses, uplift your spirit, balance, and re-energize you. Especially during fall, we use scents of the season to give you the full autumn-time experience.

To book your fall massage therapy session, contact Nature’s Touch Massage & Wellness Center today!