Show Yourself Some Love With Massage Therapy

Although summer is filled with fun activities, it’s busy. And that busyness can easily catch up with you. Whether you are a parent who has been running around with your children or a teacher who is gearing up to start the new school year, the end of summer is always a more stressful time of the year. At Nature’s Touch, we often talk about stress and the huge emotional, physical, and spiritual impact it can have on the body. Did you know that according to The American Institute of Stress, stress is the cause of more than 60% of all human disease? Some would say this statistic could even be higher! And in our world, no matter how hard we try, there is simply no way to avoid it. However, there are ways to cope and manage our stress levels so we don’t end of hurting ourselves. The most important thing you can do is make sure you are taking care of yourself first, above anyone else.

Self-care is not an indulgence. Taking care of your body is an act of survival. Your body is your temple and needs attention to live on. Massage therapy is one of the many ways that you can love yourself.

Placing a priority on yourself keeps you centered; it keeps your mind at peace. A less-stress filled life starts with a balanced and calm mind. Even if the 60-minutes you spend during your massage is the only down time you have in your day, that peace and quiet can help you feel rejuvenated to re-focus on you thoughts and to get in touch with important feelings. Massage therapy has been proven to decrease anxiety and feelings of depression, improve energy, and promote an overall sense of well being.

The physical benefits of massage therapy can dramatically help you de-stress your body as well. One of the biggest benefits of massage is that it can help you become aware of what relaxed muscles are supposed to feel like. Often times we start to ache and feel pain and because it’s manageable, we go on our daily lives and just live with that discomfort. Or even worse, we depend on medication and pain killers to help alleviate the symptoms, verses addressing the cause or why we are feeling that discomfort in the first place. Taking care of your body helps you realize how you were designed to feel – free of pain and achy-ness. Self care through massage can improve the quality of your life tenfold; through improved mobility and elasticity of skin and muscles, improved quality of sleep, stronger immune system function, and increased circulation, just to name a few benefits.

And most importantly, taking care of yourself supports and nurtures your spirit. Your spirit is your true-self. Taking time to relax and let go of toxic emotions can help you open your heart to a greater love of yourself and often times helps to support a more positive body image. 

Put as much energy into taking care of yourself as you do others. You may be pleasantly surprised by what you find out. And to help you get started, we are offering $5 off a one hour massage from now until August 15. What are you waiting for? Click here or call Nature’s Touch and start showing yourself some love today.